Vox Hunt: Music – No Vocals Allowed

17 Sep

Share a great instrumental song (or one that would have been better as an instrumental).

The song title is "Baju Pengantin" (it's Indonesian for "wedding gown"). Arranged by Erwin Gutawa & is featured in his album titled "Orkestra". My favorite wedding processional song. Very romantic.

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Vox Hunt: Music – My Current Favorite

14 Sep

Share your current favorite song or music video.

Le Festin from the movie Ratatouille! I love both the song and the movie scenes throughout this entire song, where everyone celebrates with a feast :3

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QotD: Passing The Drive Time

16 Aug

When driving alone, what do you do?  Sing along to the radio?  Think about your day?  Something else?

I never drive alone in Indonesia. In fact, I never drive in Jakarta. My parents never allow me, because Jakarta's traffic is the worst.
But I used to drive back when I was in the US. Specifically, when I was in Southern California, where my parents bought me my first car (because it was – and still is – impossible to move around SoCal without having a car!). Public transportation is not so good, especially because there's no subway. Well, SoCal is so big, that a car is the primary means of transportation. When I was in college at Penn State, I used the university bus (the Blue & White Loop buses) to move around the campus buildings, and the public bus to go to the mall & beyond Penn State. Also, some of my friends had a car of their own, so they picked me up whenever we were going out. State College is a small town, so I didn't need a car there.

Anyway, whenever I drove by myself in SoCal, I usually listened to my CDs (rarely the radio, because I only listened to smooth jazz radio & there was none in Orange County area, I think). I never sang along if I was alone. I find it weird to do so if there's no one near me to hear me.
Sometimes I called a friend & talked, just to kill the time. Sometimes I had random thoughts, my mind just went rambling around.
The roads in the US are very smooth, they made me enjoy the drive. It's the most essential part, because I actually don't like driving that much.

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QotD: First Crush

12 Aug

How old were you when you had your very first boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you still know them now? 

I was pretty old when I had my first boyfriend: 18 years old.
Yup I still know all of my boyfriends now, but I don't keep in touch with them.
Once in a long while, I encounter my first love, but we only exchange a "Hi" and a wave (or a handshake, if we're close enough). I don't want to cause trouble to his wife, so I keep a distance.
I wish we could've been friends, though.
Oh well…

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Vox Hunt: My Latest Discovery

12 Jun

Show us your latest discovery.

Since my 6-month old Liz Claiborne work bag is broken (the leather was torn open & can't be fixed), this is my new work bag. I'm gonna handle it with extra care, cause it cost me quite a lot to purchase! This Prada bag is not that big, but all of my work tools (portable DVD player & adaptor, DVDs, and A4-size folder) can fit in it. It looks slim, but actually quite spacious inside. I can also use the bag for travelling or just casual everyday use. Nice, isn't it.

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QotD: That’s Just Cruel

12 Jun

What's the weirdest baby name you've ever heard (or considered)?

Second weirdest baby name I've heard: Shiloh. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's daughter.
It sounds very masculine and simply weird.

The ultimate weirdest baby name: Anakku Lelaki (it's in Indonesian. English loose translation should be "My Son". So, imagine naming your son "My Son"…!!). That's the name of an Indonesian artist, Melly Goeslow's son. That's just cruel!

As for me, I don't like weird baby names, so I won't consider them if I think they're weird.

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QotD: The History of S

10 Jun